In St. 卢克的大学咨询办公室 we spend our days talking to students about their dreams and ambitions. 我们的目标是了解课堂内外的每一个学生. This makes the college counseling process more comfortable for our students, 而且更有可能产生非常契合的效果. We work one-on-one with our students and their families, making your priorities our priorities.

Confident & Ready

从学生上第一堂课的那天起,他们就开始为大学做准备了. Our exceptional academics and faculty provide students with the skills they need for college—and life. 个性化,以满足每个学生和家庭的需要,圣. Luke's college counseling program has two key strengths: (1) we know our students well, (2)我们很了解大学. The entire college counseling program is aimed at ensuring students are comfortable, 自信, 准备好为未来做决定.



  • 9th Grade

    This is a time to focus on the transition to 上学校 while keeping in mind that transcripts do begin in 9th grade.

    而正式的大学咨询还没有开始, all parents are welcome to attend "getting ready for college" presentations where college and university representatives explain the selective admissions process. These presentations help families figure out which school characteristics best suit their children. 谈话是坦诚的,内容丰富的. Parents get to ask an admission officer all the questions on their minds. 过去的演讲者包括来自贝茨学院的代表, 霍巴特和威廉史密斯学院, 约翰霍普金斯大学, 和里士满大学.
  • 10年级

    The official start of the college counseling process begins the spring of the 10th grade year. Parents attend a workshop introducing standardized testing and the differences between the ACT and the SAT. Students are encouraged to take practice SAT and ACT tests offered at St. 来决定哪种测试最适合他们. Tenth graders have one-on-one meetings with college counselors to discuss the upcoming fall college trip for the 11th grade class.
  • 11年级

    The 11th grade starts the year visiting three colleges with classmates, teachers, 还有大学辅导员. This introduces juniors to the college process and gives them a common set of experiences to draw from throughout their college exploration.

    今年初秋的时候, parents attend a practical "nuts and bolts" college admissions workshop prior to the college orientation in January (for all 11th graders and their parents). Eleventh-grade students meet individually with their college counselor beginning in November and individualized family conferences begin in January. The ongoing conferences help students develop search criteria and create a long list of colleges that match their needs and desires. The counselor helps families decide which colleges to visit during Spring Break.

    Students in 11th grade attend college counseling class one day during each eight-day rotation beginning in the spring semester. The course exposes students to Naviance and other tools for college searches and offers time to work on applications and essays. 学生学会避免常见的申请错误, 写一篇有效的文章, 在面试中给人留下积极的印象. 学生们也开始思考他们的成就, interests, 人生观, and personal qualities—thinking that prepares them for decisions and challenges ahead.

    Families travel to a range of colleges on the long list to gather initial impressions. Summer conferences are easily arranged with the counselors for further conversation about colleges. The 大学咨询 Office also holds several essay writing workshops during the summer.
  • 12年级

    在秋季的第一次会议上, counselors help students trim their long list to a short list of strong options—largely based on campus visit reactions. We help students create a plan to remain organized and focused during the fall as they move through the application process. Twelfth grade students meet with their counselors whenever they have questions or need advice. 学生提交申请后, 辅导员提交学校文件, 包括老师的建议, 然后给招生办公室打电话.



We want the college counseling process to mark the end of a great journey through St. Luke’s. It is a time for students to reflect on their relationships and experiences—and a time for making a lot of decisions. We hope students focus on what they want rather than what colleges want. 这些都是粗体, smart, 有趣的, creative, joyful, curious, 富有同情心的, 有才华又善良的年轻人. 任何学校拥有他们都是幸运的."


  • 这是托尼·纽森,大学体育招生顾问

    随着越来越多的学生从圣. 卢克被招募到一级学校参加一项运动, II, 及III级, the school brought in Tony in 2018 to to help them through the college recruiting process. His vast network of college coaches and athletic directors helps him find the right fit for each student. Tony is not afraid to pick up the phone to call college coaches to find out what they are looking for in their student-athletes, 他们在哪里“招募”未来的运动员, and how they determine if a student is the right fit for their program.



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